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Distributed or replicated table? And what is important when choosing the distribution key?

PDW v1/v2 For large tables usually we’re looking for tuning options like creating an index or having a good partition strategy in place. For the Parallel Data Warehouse (PDW) additional decisions have to be made for the table layout. Distributed … Continue reading

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Big Data and Analytics

PDW v2 | Big Data In my former post about Big Data, I used a “definition” which can be abbreviated as “data that is too big for analysis within the required time” The key aspects of this phrase are: size … Continue reading

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What’s the buzz about MPP Data Warehouses (part 2)?

PDW v1/v2 In my first post I wrote about the need of a consequently tuned and aligned database server system in order to handle a high data warehouse workload in an efficient way. A commonly chosen implementation for this is … Continue reading

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