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A duplicate attribute key has been found when processing…

SQL Server 2005 | SQL Server 2008 This post is about a common error message during dimension processing I’ve been asked about quite a few times so I thought it would be worth posting about it. The error message says … Continue reading

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How to define an Excel compliant format strings for a cube

SQL Server 2005 | 2008 Cube defined formats are not necessarily displayed properly in Excel 2007. Sometimes the format seems to be ignored completely although it is working fine in the cube browser. For a simple example I created a … Continue reading

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Simple Banding function for KPI Status or KPI Trend

SQL Server 2008 Although the way of defining the KPI status and trend is very flexible it is also somehow circumstantial if you simply want to rate a KPI by its target value. In this case you would have to … Continue reading

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